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Mojio are a telematics company who are reinventing driving around your smartphone keeping you connected to your favorite people, places, and things. They asked Hurdler to create a design for their first product which fit their brand – a physical icon that embodied the experience of being connected through your car. They also came with a tight production deadline to meet so we had to create a beautiful design which was ready to manufacture.
I’m so thankful we came to Hurdler to help put a face on MOJIO. Their design direction, concepts, fast turnaround and close working relationship is exactly what we needed to bring our product to market.
Jay Giraud - Mojio CEO

How Did We Do It?

A magician never reveals his secrets, so it's a good thing we're not magicians. Read on...


Mojio approached us needing a face for their product that would match their brand’s aspirations. They also needed it quickly…like yesterday. In light of these schedule constraints, we set off to work straight away.

Mojio Product Sketches
Thinking Inside the Box

From the beginning we tried to develop a unique and iconic product shape to help Mojio stand out in the world. Early conversations had us gravitating towards cubic forms because, well, a cube is an iconic shape and there are no OBD devices out there with a similar silhouette. Using a toolbox of rapid design methods, such as foam models and hand sketches, we developed a raft of concepts to explore and define multiple design languages for further discussion.

Getting 3-Dimensional

We quickly moved into 3D CAD to explore and refine the most promising design directions. But it didn’t all fall into place as we hoped. If you’ve worked with a start-up, you’ll know that bootstrapping comes with inherent constraints.

Hero Photo of Mojio Concept
We had our design direction, but...

One major constraint was that we didn’t have the freedom to make changes to the electronics. Fitting the PCB into our cube just made Mojio too big and too wasteful.

Photo of Mojio Concept Top View

3D Printer in Action

Mojio needed to go on a diet!

We put our 3D printer to work to prototype and refine the design. We knocked the design into shape, squeezing in the electronics, and creating a sleek and simple two piece design with a friendly side to fit the Mojio brand.


Working closely with the engineering team, we got the most out of the design and created details and an assembly which could pass seamlessly through their current production process.

Renderings of Refined Concepts

With every iteration we moved a little bit closer to the solution

Rendering of more refined concepts
Photo of test fitting the package inside the enclosure

As a final step we used our MakerBot to rapidly check the form and fit of each model. We found that small really was beautiful which prompted us to do everything we could to reduce the size, refining the shape a little each time we made a new model.

The result.
Muy Caliente.

The end result is a design that is beautifully simple and has a wonderful tactility that just feels great in hand and gives people an instant bond with their Mojio.



Mojio Hero Photo